Planning Block Parties


A block party is a great way of getting to know your neighbors. Many Haven House Leaders have realized good fun, genuine fellowship and deeper friendships after hosting neighborhood block parties.

Step 1. All block parties require planning. Therefore, we suggest you organize an informal committee involving neighbors you already know. The initial planning committee should establish the purpose and objective for the block party. Also, it’s good to select a coordinator from this group to keep all goals, plans and activities on schedule.

Step 2. Choose the date, time and location for the block party.

Step 3. Decide what kind of block party you want to have (children, family, and/or adult focus) and estimate the number of neighbors, friends and guests that may attend.

Step 4. Appoint a person or persons to plan the food and drinks for the party.

Step 5. Appoint a person or persons to plan games and entertainment for all attendees

Step 6. Advertisement should be done with a flyer, in person, by email and/or by regular mail. Flyers should be distributed at least two weeks in advance of the party when possible. Please consider the following information when preparing a flyer:

  • Theme: A fall party might be: “Leaf your Cares Behind” and Join Your Neighbors for a Barbeque.
  • Where: Jan and John Hayes, 9999 Washington St.
  • When: 5 pm, Saturday, October 20, 2004
  • What to bring: Please bring a salad, desert and lawn chairs. Hamburgers, hotdogs, sodas and all the fixings will be provided.
  • Entertainment: A scavenger hunt will be held for children of all ages.
  • Who is invited: All neighbors should be invited .
  • Their Response: Please RSVP to Helen or John at 555-2222 by Thursday, Oct 17.

Step 7. Encourage as many neighbors as possible to take an active part because it’s their party! Also, be sure to get their commitments for napkins, plates, tableware, ice, sodas, water, cups, cookies, salads, beans, etc., because most of them are eager to contribute.

Step 8. Have someone designated to greet and welcome neighbors and guests as they arrive.

Step 9. Assign a setup and cleanup crew to ensure the neighborhood stays clean and neat.

Step 10. Fifty one percent of your neighbors must sign a partition in order to legally block off your street. The petition must be forwarded to the local police dept for approval.

Step 11. Appoint an individual to brief participants of safety concerns. Specifically, water for dehydration, deet for Mosquitoes, life guard for swimming pool, sun block for hot, sunny days. Eliminate potential sport injuries and have responsible chefs to prevent fire hazards.

Step 12. Invite city officials, fire department, and police department, to the party 2 weeks prior. Attach a flyer of the event to the letter of invitation.

Step 13. Ensure you have a camera and VCR to record the special event.

Step 14. Suggest you provide nametags and a sign in sheet to help neighbors get to know each other. Sign in sheets serves as a record and may assist with a neighborhood directory.

Step 15. Send out thank you cards to all workers and contributors.

Please call the Shreveport-Bossier Community Renewal (SBCR) office at 425-3222 for assistance.

*STEPS TO A SUCCESSFUL BLOCK PARTY courtesy of Shreveport-Bossier Community Renewal (SBCR)